It’s my goal to bring the best of cutting edge technology and research to market in production equipment for end users, through a new level of communication.

This might mean working to solve industry challenges by leveraging new university research.  This might mean finding new uses for new technologies that perhaps are not obvious.  This might mean connecting two people from two different industries to solve a challenge.

I look forward to bringing people together, bringing ideas together, and producing great products with all of these concepts in mind.

Designing What’s Next

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Enabling Semiconductor R&D Labs

Here at Triangle Design Group, we understand the unique needs of Semiconductor Research and Development fabs. Whereas production facilities require strict standardization of multiple tool sets and delivery systems for optimization of maintenance, development fabs require process flexibility and rapid process changes. We have worked with some of the leading development fabrication facilities in the … Continue reading Enabling Semiconductor R&D Labs

SMBC for hazardous area

A recent design/build of a hazardous area rated SMBC (simulated moving bed chromatography) system. At TDG we have the capability to understand your complex process, so that we can recommend appropriate solutions, improvements, and cost down approaches.

Chemical bath pH Control / Dosing System

Recently designed and built these chemical bath pH control systems. We keep building and growing here at TDG. From 1/16” SS to 6” PVC and everything in between, process cooling water to UHP toxic process gases, we have the technology and controls capabilities.

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