Build Capabilities


  • 5000 square foot facility, energy efficient and ideal for clean fabrication
  • 500 square foot ISO6 cleanroom.

Wiring and harness equipment

  • (2) AMP-O-MATIC Stripper Crimper Machines
  • (1) AMP-O-LECTRIC Crimper Machine
  • Panduit TDP 42H Printer 203 dpi high speed industrial thermal printer for wire and device labeling.
  • Phoenix Contact Thermomark Card and Thermomark Roll Printers
  • Harness board capabilities

Automatic Orbital Welding Equipment

(3) Arc Machines Model 307 and (1) Model 227 Power Supplies, with water coolers, designed for autogenous orbital GTA welding. In addition to the standard tube-welding functions it also has wire feed capabilities. Weld head capability for tubing from 1/8″ OD to 1.5″ OD.

This welding machine also can be configured as a manual TIG welder.

Tube cutting and preparation equipment

  • Tritool MODEL 572AC SEVERMASTER™ severs .25” to 2″ (6.4 to 50.8mm) diameter tubes and thin wall pipe, without the need for additional squaring.
  • (3) Tritool MODEL 301 SP TUBE AND MICRO FITTING SQUARING TOOLS The Model 301SP was designed specifically as a tube squarer for autogenous welding applications where micro fitting, tube assemblies, or the gripping of short perch length tubing is required with maximum portability. .125” to 1.125” OD (3.17 to 28.6mm) Wall Thickness Up To .125” (3.2mm) Straight Tube or Microfittings.
  • DiAcro Model 1 Manual Bench Mount Tube Bender

UHP Analytical Equipment

  • Agilent / Varian 956 Portatest II Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector
  • Nuance systems Ultracart 2600 including the following instruments
  • Delta F DF560e Oxygen analyzer
  • Met One 2100 Laser Particle Counter
  • Meeco Tracer2 Trace Moisture Analyzer

Prototyping and Assembly Equipment

  • Laser Engraver 40w GCC Laser Pro Spirit
  • Roland MDX desktop CNC mill router plotter 4 axis 3D scanner digitizer probe
  • Hydraulic Shop Press 10-Ton Bench Top Mount
    Working Range: 1 1/2 to 15 3/4 in.

Parts Cleaning equipment

  • 18 Meg-ohm Water Purification System
  • Thermo Scientific Lindberg MO-1420A Blue M Mechanical Convection Oven, for parts drying