Enabling Semiconductor R&D Labs

Here at Triangle Design Group, we understand the unique needs of Semiconductor Research and Development fabs. Whereas production facilities require strict standardization of multiple tool sets and delivery systems for optimization of maintenance, development fabs require process flexibility and rapid process changes.

We have worked with some of the leading development fabrication facilities in the nation, in the development of systems which allow for multiple gases or chemicals to be delivered to the tool in quick succession to enable experiments.

Our modular gas and water panels and floor boxes make it easy for fabs to replace a chamber or tool quickly, while retaining the gas delivery sub system components, reducing costs, leadtime and waste.

Contact us to find out how we enable next node R&D.

SMBC for hazardous area

A recent design/build of a hazardous area rated SMBC (simulated moving bed chromatography) system.

At TDG we have the capability to understand your complex process, so that we can recommend appropriate solutions, improvements, and cost down approaches.

Chemical bath pH Control / Dosing System

Recently designed and built these chemical bath pH control systems.

We keep building and growing here at TDG. From 1/16” SS to 6” PVC and everything in between, process cooling water to UHP toxic process gases, we have the technology and controls capabilities.

ISO6 Cleanroom complete!

We converted a 300 square foot section of our facility into an ISO class 6 (class 1000) Cleanroom. With further improvements such as a gowning area, it looks like it will be possible to further improve the cleanliness to iso class 5 (class 100). We received our ultra high purity weld and purge gases, and intend to begin welding this week.

ISO6 cleanroom

Facility Update!

Starting to look like a real place.  This has been an extremely rewarding couple of weeks.  First orbital welds next week to get certified with a couple of other folks.   Let’s build something together.

Maine Facility and Fab Lab

Our new facility at 6 Pomerleau Street in Biddeford, Maine will be headquarters of Triangle Design Group LLC as well as Purist LLC !

Well lit, energy efficient, and convenient to I95 and many local businesses, our location at 6 Pomerleau Street in Biddeford, Maine will also be a great location for our Fab Lab. We are researching details of what is required and gathering equipment. We look forward to engaging with the community in order to advance STEM by … building stuff!

What is a Fab Lab? Check out https://www.fablabs.io/

Containerized Emergency Housing Unit

A couple of years ago my wife Jenny and I bought a small parcel of land in Coral Bay, St John. It has a cistern and a slab from an abandoned house project, and site work is largely complete. Our goal is to build a small cottage in traditional chattel house style on the slab.

While there, we met with Doug White, a renowned local green building architect. Doug reviewed and helped me revise our plans for a very robust timber structure, with construction that can hold up to hurricanes.

The plan is to build the structure in Maine, and ship it to the site in a 20 foot shipping container. In 3D CAD (Inventor), I was able to confirm that the entire house could be disassembled and fit in the container with room to spare.

We are now looking into the possibility of manufacturing these homes as disaster recovery housing. Since the building is designed to withstand hurricane force winds, it would be ideal for areas subject to hurricanes or tornadoes.

Solar thermal project

Purist Energy

Purist Energy was a small business that operated for about 5 years in the renewable energy space and the development of quality solar hot water heating systems. We designed several packaged solar hot water appliances for residential and commercial applications.

Our flagship product, the SPS-2-AC is a closed loop solar pumping station that includes all of the major components for operating a solar hot water heating system.

Dual pumps, a highly efficient heat exchanger, a PC enabled differential temperature controller and required safety components are ingeniously packaged in a compact and attractive aluminum enclosure.

After sale of about 500 units, we determined that the business model would not support a sufficient margin to be viable. It was a great product and we hope and expect that those units are still collecting free energy from the sun!