Containerized Emergency Housing Unit

A couple of years ago my wife Jenny and I bought a small parcel of land in Coral Bay, St John. It has a cistern and a slab from an abandoned house project, and site work is largely complete. Our goal is to build a small cottage in traditional chattel house style on the slab.

While there, we met with Doug White, a renowned local green building architect. Doug reviewed and helped me revise our plans for a very robust timber structure, with construction that can hold up to hurricanes.

The plan is to build the structure in Maine, and ship it to the site in a 20 foot shipping container. In 3D CAD (Inventor), I was able to confirm that the entire house could be disassembled and fit in the container with room to spare.

We are now looking into the possibility of manufacturing these homes as disaster recovery housing. Since the building is designed to withstand hurricane force winds, it would be ideal for areas subject to hurricanes or tornadoes.